20 Ways You Know You Have A Toddler

My little man is now 18 months old, and seemingly overnight, has turned into an entirely different child. He’s officially become a Toddler. Β When did my precious little darling change from the cute little bundle of joy that only wanted cuddles and his snugly Hunter Bear, to the noisy Hurricane Chase that he is today? This independent little person, out to take on the big world in his own little way.

With the understanding that I no longer have a baby in my house. It got me thinking about all of the different ways you know you have a toddler. I’m sure you’ve thought about it too. So have a read through, and see if you can relate to any of my reasoning’s below.


20 Ways You Know You Have A Toddler
  1. You know all the words to the Paw Patrol, In The Night Garden and Peppa Pig theme tunes to name a few
  2. You find yourself randomly singing these theme tunes, even when you’re not with your child
  3. Your car keys can generally be found inside the toy box. Or the recycling bin. Or anywhere else they shouldn’t be
  4. As can your wallet/purse, mobile phone, shoes… Need I go on?
  5. Upon finally getting into bed at some ungodly hour, you roll over to find you’re sharing your bed with a building block, a stacking cup, or some other random item they decided to bring upstairs with them at bedtime and somehow it ended up under your duvet
  6. You can’t find any of the twenty dummies you own. Yet they always manage to find one stashed in the most unlikely place
  7. You’ve just spent a small fortune on the latest and greatest toys, and they only want to play with your pots and pans
  8. They want to help you with EVERYTHING. Even if it means passing you the loo roll, and flushing the toilet whilst you’re still sitting on it
  9. Every important notice you pinned to your fridge has gone missing. As have all of the magnets that attached them to the fridge in the first place
  10. Your living room looks like a rainbow just threw up on a scrap yard

  11. You spend an hour cooking some new toddler-friendly, full of goodness meal; and they push it away without even tasting it, and ask for a peanut butter sandwich
  12. Whenever the doorbell rings, you find yourself in a race to get to the door first
  13. You have an abundance of single tiny socks. No pairs. Just odd socks
  14. You often open food packets in the supermarket before paying for them – Just to keep them quiet, and you sane whilst you shop
  15. Almost every package you receive from Amazon is singing when the postman hands it over to you
  16. You talk about yourself and your partner in the third person. Even when your child isn’t around. “Mummy wants a coffee. Does Daddy want a coffee?”
  17. Your coat pockets are full of half-eaten packets of Pom Bears, or Apple Chips
  18. You’ve given up cleaning the bottom kitchen cabinets, as the sticky hand prints always return as soon as you’ve finished
  19. Anything and everything sharp, breakable or remotely edible has been relocated to the top shelf
  20. The bottom shelves of your bookcase and DVD racks are empty. Either as a result of your child finding them a new home in the toy box, or because you’ve finally given up and moved them to a safer, unreachable location

So that’s my list of 20 ways you know you have a toddler. I’m sure that there must be at least a few here that you relate to. But are there any others that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “20 Ways You Know You Have A Toddler

  1. I wrote a post similar to this when my 3 year old was around this age. I can relate to every single one! Especially signing kids theme songs when there’s no kids around haha xx #kcacols

  2. Oh I can definitely relate to some of these. Particularly the rush to see the postman. The way our door opens could squish a few people too! #KCACOLS

  3. Although we’re not quite at toddler age just yet (2 months to go ?) I can still relate to a lot of these! I’m forever finding toys scattered around the house and the rainbow has definitely vomited in my lounge too! Not to mention the constant battle with home cooked meals!
    Becky recently posted…Dry January – why I’m NOT taking partMy Profile

  4. Yep yep and yep! ‘Salty dog and me’ is the tv theme I always have in my head, drives me potty! My you know you have a toddler when moment is when you are constantly followed to the toilet and given a running commentary of your trip ‘mama wee wee’ ‘here paper’ ‘hehehe weeeeeee’. #KCACOLS

  5. Haha these are all so true and it brings back memories (not all of the good!) of when mine were little. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  6. Haha yes oh yes, I also refer to myself in the third person, something I never thought I would do! Toddlers are mad but so much fun too… when you’re not overwhelmingly exhausted #KCACOLS

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