Book Corner – January 2017

Every night for the past few months we’ve read the same books day in day out. It’s either Fox’s Socks, or Rabbit’s Nap. There’s nothing wrong with the books. I just know them by heart now. So because of this, I decided to setup our own little book corner in my study. With the aim of choosing a new book to read every week, and then concluding the month with a little roundup of what we’ve read. So that we can hopefully encourage more people to try something new.

Book Corner – January

We started out this challenge by getting Chase to pick out two new books from the book corner. Since we already had two books that we were sent to review the week before, I included these in our four for the month. Chase’s choices were Goodnight Moon and Down by the Cool of the Pool. And the two we were sent to review were The Koala Who Could, and The Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes.

Book CornerGoodnight Moon

First up, we have quite a common first bedtime story. Goodnight Moon features a little bunny tucked up in bed, saying goodnight to the things around her.

In addition to colourful illustrations, it has a simple, soothing storyline to help your little one get ready for their own naptime.


Book CornerDown By The Cool Of The Pool

Not one I’d personally heard of before – the book features some farmyard friends having fun, singing and dancing by the pool. Therefore, it’s a real sing-song sort of book, which encourages children to sing along, and join in making the various animal noises as the story goes on. Probably not the best bedtime book, but it was definitely a fun and engaging book to read!




Book CornerThe Koala Who Could

First of all, this is a brand new book, due to be released early February. It’s about a koala who is afraid of change, and doesn’t like to try anything new.

A cute and comical tale, that’s beautifully illustrated. It comes with a lesson for children, that stepping outside of your comfort zone maybe scary, but it can also be really rewarding. It’s actually become one of my husband’s favourites, and has taken prime position on the bookshelf!



Book CornerThe Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes

Another exciting new story – and the first of a new 25 book series. We see the two lead characters try their hand at inventing fun objects. Sarah proves that football is not just for boys; and they both meet a very grumpy Pastaball whilst playing the sport. Probably the most educational of the lot, but still a fun and engaging  book, perfect for school aged children!

You can read our full review here.


That’s our round up in January’s Book Corner! Join us next month for a few more new stories to try out!

book corner
Reading The Pasta Kidz!
book corner
Reading The Koala Who Could!


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9 thoughts on “Book Corner – January 2017

    1. I think both would be great for reception children! I personally preferred Down by the Cool of the Pool because it’s fun and engaging – but my husband loved The Koala Who Could because of the lesson behind it, and also because he thought the story was really well written! x

  1. I haven’t heard of these books before and I love the sound of the Koala who could. my son needs that book haha! I know what you mean re sticking to the same books – my son does this at the mo with a fairy tale book. he is obsessed with jack and the beanstalk. oh and stick man! #KCACOLS

  2. My niece made me read the same Beatrix Potter book over and over for months. Drove me crazy. We got a copy of Goodnight Moon for Snappy for Christmas. #kcacols

    1. To be honest I hadn’t either! We got some of them from cousins as hand-me-downs from when they were his age. So they’re probably around 10yrs old and maybe not as popular anymore? But the Koala one is a new release, and I think os definitely worth a look when it officially comes out!

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