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giftwink-logo1Every Christmas I have the same problem. Lots of people to buy for, and no clue what to get them. I’ll spend hours trailing through websites trying to find that perfect present, only to find that it’s now 1am, a week before Christmas, and I’ve only managed one off my list of twenty to buy for.

This is where Gift Wink comes in. A site designed to help take the stress and strain out of present buying, and [hopefully] turn it into the enjoyable experience that gifting should be!

What’s Gift Wink?

Think of Gift Wink as a way of seeing all of the top selling products, from all of the most popular stores, in one convenient and searchable location. Meaning you no longer have to endlessly browse individual stores!

Initially created as a birthday reminder and gift list service; Gift Wink gives records important birthdays, and then emails you a reminder when a birthday is due.


Following the success of this service, Gift Wink have now introduced a Christmas section. Which provides you with Gift Guides and recommendations, as well as the ability to search by Age, Sex, Type, or Theme. There’s also a set of handy filters to narrow down your options; allowing you to be as specific as you like in your hunt for the perfect present.

There’s even an entire section dedicated to Harry Potter for all of you wannabe wizards out there!



How does it work?

You can either browse the site using the menu and filter choices along the top of the page. Or if you’re in need of a little more inspiration, you can add important birthdays to your calendar to receive personalised gift ideas for each person!

By adding important birthdays, the site uses a built in algorithm that looks at the Relationship, Age and Gender of each person to give you a selection of interests to choose from. For instance, when I put in both my husband’s and son’s birthdays, I got different results for what their interests could be…

Hubby’s interest options…
Chase’s interest options…

Once you’ve entered everyone you need to buy for, your Birthday Calendar gives you a user-friendly gifting grid. With each person having their own unique set of gift ideas based on their Age, Gender and Interests. A nifty extra feature here is that it tells you how old they’ll be on their next birthday for easier searching (sorry mum!).


Clicking through to a persons Gift Ideas gives you a great selection of ideas to choose from, as well as a filter to narrow down your search by gift type. When you’ve found a gift that you like the look of; simply click the heart icon to add it to a wishlist.


When you’re ready to purchase, just click an item in your wishlist to be taken to the items description page. Clicking the Buy button redirects you to the individual brand’s website for you to make your purchase. For example, if I click on this Dinosaur Fleece-Lined Fisherman’s Jacket below, and hit Buy, I will be redirected to JoJo Maman Bebe’s website to place my order.

What Brands Do Gift Wink Feature?

Gift Wink curate gifts from some of the best online retailers. Some iconic household names you might recognise include Hamleys, Disney Store, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, Amazon, and John Lewis to name a few.

Whilst browsing, I also noticed a quite a few up-and-coming eco and UK based family businesses that I’ve heard of, and follow through social media. Such as Tobias & The Bear, and Happy Little Folks.

Is there a Cost?

No! It’s free to use the service, you only pay the price of the product (and any subsequent delivery charges) to the individual retailers you’re buying from. Same as any normal online shopping experience.

Our Verdict

Gift Wink is a fantastically convenient site, making it really simple to buy gifts for any recipient. I loved the fact that I could find products suitable for a specific person using their range of filters and birthday gift ideas. And also liked that the site offers current, and unique products that you wouldn’t necessarily find on the high street.

There were two things that I felt hindered my experience a bit as a customer. After adding a new item to your wish list, you’re redirected back to the top of the page. So you then have to scroll back down to find your place again. I also found it quite confusing that when I wanted to remove something from a wishlist. You actually have to untick the box of the wishlist you want it removed from, and then hit “Remove from Wishlists”. This took me a few trial and error attempts to figure out.

That said, these are trivial things that wouldn’t stop me from using the service again.

Anything Else I Should Know?

YES! Gift Wink are running a fun Christmas Quiz over on their website, where you have a chance of winning a £100 voucher to spend at Gift Wink! To take the quiz, and enter the competition, just click on the image below! Good Luck!

Gift Wink Quiz

Disclaimer: I was offered a free Gift Wink diary in exchange for promoting their new Christmas Quiz on social media, and decided to incorporate this into an honest review on my blog. All views in this review are 100% my own, and any images remain the copyright of Gift Wink.

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