Living Arrows 4/52 2017

Living Arrows is about celebrating childhood. It’s a weekly series run by Donna at What the Redhead Said which involves sharing a moment each week with others. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran: “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.

Living Arrows 4/52 – 2017

That Thing Called “Sickness”

It’s been another week of illness in our house. After the general feeling unwell turned a bit more nasty over the previous weekend, we decided to get ourselves checked out. Turned out, Chase had a chest infection, and I had an ear infection and tonsillitis. Both requiring antibiotics. So that ended up bringing the week down a bit. I spent the majority of the latter part of the week in bed trying to catch up on the missed sleep from the night before nursing both mine and Chase’s coughs. And Chase struggled with the concept of not being able to race about so much with a chest infection holding him back. Over this past weekend, where Chase and I are finally starting to feel human again – my husband has now started feeling unwell. So in essence it’s gone full circle!

living arrows
Still happy to join in for some “If you’re happy and you know it…” despite being ill
book corner

I decided I was sick of reading the same books over and over each night. So I setup a book corner of about 50 books (mostly donated from family!) and told Chase we could choose a new book every week to read from the pile. I’m actually going to do a monthly roundup on the blog – a bit of self-motivation to keep at it. But this past two weeks reading “new books” has been really enjoyable for all of us!

living arrows
Reading our new book The Pasta Kidz – which we recently reviewed on the blog!
living arrows
Reading another new book – The Koala Who Could
Leaps and Bounds at Nursery

One final positive for our week was actually a major #win for us with Chase in terms of adapting. In December, we started Chase off at nursery two mornings a week. And whilst he instantly formed an attachment to his key worker, he would cry every time we left him, around lunchtime, and again when we arrived to pick him up. But for the very first time this week, on both days he didn’t cry! Not once!

In fact, upon arriving, he went straight over to his key worker for a cuddle, and then bounded off to play. Then when we arrived to pick him up after lunch, he grudgingly came over and offered us some toys, before scarpering off again! On one occasion, he actually cried because we told him we were going home. And ran off back to the sand pit. Charming!

But whilst the concept of him crying because he doesn’t want to come home is a bit of a heartbreaking moment for me. The fact that he’s now enjoying nursery enough to not cry, and to want to disappear off and play as soon as he walks in the door, says to me that he’s finally enjoying himself. And that when the time comes, he would be more likely to accept an additional day or two if needed.


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