Hi! I’m Tina, wife to David, and Mum to my little man Chase and our two birmans Millie & Maisie.

This blog is to document our daily adventures (hence the title Adventure of Mummy and Me), what we get up to and what the little man ate on his journey of dairy and egg free weaning.

Since a very young age, my little man has unfortunately had an intolerance to dairy. He can tolerate small amounts of lactose-free products, but mostly we keep to a dairy free diet to keep his tummy happy. He also has a contact allergy to eggs, and so anything with egg is generally a no-go in our household!

I initially created this blog as a place to post my tried and tested allergy-friendly recipes that I’ve either created myself, or adapted from other recipes to make them suitable for allergy sufferers. As well as to document some of Chase’s adventures, his new toys, and fashion style as he grows.

But since since starting the blog, I’ve had some great companies reach to ask us to test their products with the little man. And hence we now also have a dedicated review section available for you to browse.

I hope you like what you see, and enjoy eating the food as much as we did!

Mummy & Me