Eleven Tips to Help Nail Manicures Last Longer

Eleven Tips to Help Nail Manicures Last Longer

Women are naturally endowed with great beauty quotient. Cosmetics enhance beauty further and makes them look more attractive than ever. Nail manicures are crucial aspects of cosmetology where women work on their nails and make them as beautiful as possible.

Amongst the various nail manicure techniques available today, like gel polish, dipping powder, acrylic polish, etc., the gel and nail lacquer combo is the most appealing as it comes with the benefits of both gel and lacquer polish. The most significant benefit is that this manicure lasts long.

Have you ever wondered how to make your nail manicure last longer? These tips can help your nail jobs last for several weeks.

Never compromise on quality

Nails are amongst the most delicate parts of your body. Using spurious nail products can cause tremendous harm to your nails and overall health. Hence, it is best if you opt for high-quality nail products. The OPI gel color is also a high-quality product that you can use.

Use nail remover before the application process

Irrespective of whether there is residual nail polish on your nails or not, it is advisable to apply nail remover on the nails. It has its advantages. The process removes natural oils from your nails. Besides, if your nails are weak or brittle, applying a non-acetone nail polish remover helps strengthen the nails considerably.

Avoid soaking your nails before a nail manicure

Many people make the mistake of having a water bath before a manicure. Though it is useful for cleaning the nails and removing the debris, it is best to avoid doing so. A water bath can cause your nails to expand. As the nails dry out, they shrink, thereby causing the polish to crack. It is better to use a lint-free towel to remove the debris from the nail surface.

Use the Right Base and Strengthening Product

When applying OPI gel lacquer polish, it is advisable to use the compatible base. Using an incorrect base can prove ineffective. Similarly, one can try out a nail strengthening product between polishes to repair nail damage. It prevents the nails from peeling or cracking, thereby ensuring that it lasts longer.

Mix the polish well before use

OPI gel and lacquer combo is a mixture of two different nail polishes. Hence, it is necessary to mix them properly before applying it on your nails. Shaking the bottle is not a good option as it can infuse the color with air bubbles. As a result, the polish can chip off. The best way to mix the polish is to roll it between your palms.

Be careful with the cuticles and edges

When applying gel and lacquer polish, you should avoid coloring the cuticles. The color tends to peel off easily. The best way to avoid the cuticles is to stick an adhesive tape of the cuticles and removing it after the nail manicure. Similarly, you should ensure to polish the nail edges to coat them. It serves as a protective layer to the nail tips.

Applying thin coats is a better option

A thick coat of gel and lacquer combo can look great, but there are higher chances of the paint peeling off quickly. Thick coats do not dry easily. Hence, it is a better option to use thin strokes and add more if required for smooth, full coverage.

Let the coat dry before you add another layer

Applying multiple coats when the paint is wet can cause smudging of the nail gel polish. It can affect the nail manicure. The best way to go about it is to allow the first coat to dry completely before adding a second layer. The OPI gel and nail lacquer do not take more than two minutes to dry.

Exercise caution when you cure under the UV lamp

Generally, the UV lamps available for curing nail polish does not accommodate your entire hand. You need to put in four fingers at a time. You can also lather your hands with sunscreen lotion to prevent exposing your skin directly to the ultraviolet radiation.

Be careful when doing strenuous jobs

Strenuous domestic jobs like washing utensils can cause the nail polish to chip or break off. Therefore, it is advisable to use gloves when performing these wet jobs like washing dishes and clothes.

Keep your nails hydrated

Nail polish forms a layer over your nails and thus prevents natural hydration. The ideal way to compensate for it is to use hand creams and keep the nail hydrated at all times. Dry polish tends to peel or chip off easily. It is also better to use soap and water instead of hand sanitizers as sanitizers contain alcohol that can dry your nails and hands.


These tips can help the nail manicures last longer than they usually do. However, you should buff the chips as they appear. A gentle filing of your nail can help remove these chips and ensure that the manicure lasts long. If you still find some chipping, you can use nail art designs to cover it up.