Nail Polish Colors That Teachers Should Wear to School

Nail Polish Colors That Teachers Should Wear to School

Nail polish does make a forceful fashion statement, but can you wear whatever colors you wish everywhere? You cannot because you must maintain a sense of decorum in certain places. For example, you cannot wear bright and shiny colors when visiting places of worship to pray. Similarly, school teachers cannot wear specific colors and designs to school as they can influence their students negatively. So, what colors should school teachers wear to school? Let us discuss the colors that suit teachers and let them set an example for their students. At the same time, we shall also touch upon the colors they should avoid wearing to school.

Nail Colors That Teachers Can Wear to School

Before discussing the colors teachers can wear to school, please note that these color choices are available on the Nugenesis dip powder color chart. Teachers can check it out and see whether it suits them well.

The bright reds

Nail Colors That Teachers Can Wear to School

Are you surprised I am advocating the bright reds for teachers to wear to school? There should be no problem wearing the bright red shades because they display a sense of assertiveness, a quality every teacher should have. Teachers should have the confidence to put their point forcefully before their students. And the red hues give her the necessary confidence to express herself in the best manner possible.

Some argue that bright red is a sensual color that can adversely influence students. But, the beauty of the red shade is that you can mask it beautifully and make the nails look simple yet beautiful. Hence, it is not always necessary that reds always arouse passion.

The beautiful pinks

Nail Colors That Teachers Can Wear to School

Pinks have always been a universal choice for almost all professions because no other color displays innocence as beautifully as the pinks. As teachers, you should have an innocence element in your nature because you deal with different types of students, including innocent children. The pink shades help you with children because they allow you to identify with them. The children also feel that you are one of them. The pinks help build an immediate rapport with children.

When with elder children, you can tone down the deep pink shades and go for the lighter natural pinks bordering on the nudes. However, if you teach in an all-girls school, you can experiment with innovative pinks. These colors are sure to solicit responses from students. Thus, these beautiful shades help break the ice and encourage a smooth discussion either way.

The light blues and greens

Nail Colors That Teachers Can Wear to School

The lighter shades of blue and green should suit teachers because they are subtle colors that do not overtly attract people. Otherwise, you might end up with students discussing your nail shades more than lessons with you.

The advantage of light blue and green is that these colors are the closest you can get to nature. So, if your teaching job involves imparting practical education to students on the field, these colors can play a vital role in making your point.

If you are wondering where you can find these colors, you need not look beyond the Nugenesis color chart because this chart includes every possible shade.

Colors That Teachers Should Avoid Wearing to School

We have discussed some beautiful nail colors that teachers can wear to school. However, you should also know the colors you should strictly avoid.

The blacks are not ideal

You should avoid wearing black-colored nails to school because they can give out a negative feeling and make you feel low on confidence. In addition, blacks can distract students and make them concentrate less on their studies. So, we suggest you try out the subtler shades of black, like the grayish tones.

The bright yellows do not suit you

Like the blacks, the bright yellow shades are a strict NO to wear to school before they can negatively affect the student’s psyche. The bright yellows and the metallic shades are excellent to wear on vacations and for dance parties, but we advise you to stay away from them in school.

The nail art designs are not advisable

Like the blacks and yellows, the nail art designs can be distracting. These designs can look good on your nails in the ordinary course, but teachers should not wear them to school. Instead, a teacher should set an example for students. If teachers show scant respect for the school’s environment, how can you expect the students to show it?

Final Thoughts

Usually, schools might not have any strict regulations on what nail colors teachers can wear to school. But, teachers should understand that their choices can influence students. So, wearing the right nail colors is advisable. You can refer to the Nugenesis dip powder colors and get the combination right.