Eleven Tips to Help Nail Manicures Last Longer

Women are naturally endowed with great beauty quotient. Cosmetics enhance beauty further and makes them look more attractive than ever. Nail manicures are crucial aspects of cosmetology where women work on their nails and make them as beautiful as possible.

Amongst the various nail manicure techniques available today, like gel polish, dipping powder, acrylic polish, etc., the gel and nail lacquer combo is the most appealing as it comes with the benefits of both gel and lacquer polish. The most significant benefit is that this manicure lasts long.

Have you ever wondered how to make your nail manicure last longer? These tips can help your nail jobs last for several weeks.

Never compromise on quality

Nails are amongst the most delicate parts of your body. Using spurious nail products can cause tremendous harm to your nails and overall health. Hence, it is best if you opt for high-quality nail products. The OPI gel color is also a high-quality product that you can use. (more…)

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Step by Step Apply Dip Powder Nails at Home by SNS Dip Nails

One can measure a woman’s beauty by the radiance of her smile. When you have healthy nails, the smile gets all the more radiant and alluring. Thus, we are not wrong of we say that excellent looking nails are secrets to a woman’s beauty. This article shall see how to acquire nail manicures that can make heads turn in awe.

Dip Nail Manicure

When you discuss nail polish, a couple of names immediately come to mind: gel polish, acrylic polish, and dipping powder. Of the three, dip nails have become the craze globally because of the ease of application and its inherent beauty reflected in the glowing nails. However, one should use quality dip nail products like SNS dip nails to enhance your overall beauty. If you are looking for quality nail supplies, you have come to the right place. Order your supplies from us and enjoy healthy and excellent-looking nails forever.


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Top 5 Best Natural Face Wash to Try Right Now

Washing your face regularly is necessary because of bacteria, pollutants, viruses, and dead skin that build up during the day. When these impurities are removed, the face is left to look and feel fresh and clean. The natural face wash is recommended by skin experts and dermatologists as they can achieve better results. Mentioned below, are some of the best natural face wash to try right now.

La Roche-Posay Ultra-fine scrub

Amazon best-selling product B002WDKJZO


It is one of the best exfoliators for sensitive skin because it’s a face scrub with ultra-fine pumice that gently removes the dead cells without any interference on the sensitive skin. This product qualifies as a natural face wash since it has no alcohol or parabens, but has a balanced PH that does not upset the skin. It is formulated with antioxidant thermal spring water to soothe and purify the skin.

Soothing Cleanser Foam

Amazon best-selling product B0733M59ZX


Soothing cleanser foam is known best for washing away leftover makeup, excess oil, and impurities, as well as having the highest level of lather. When it comes to cleansing, the effectiveness is close to perfect. This is confirmed by 96% of users who state that it deeply cleaned their complexions. It is easy to apply and rinse off, provides a refreshing texture, and leaves no residue. The elderflower extract is a key ingredient the product contains, that gives the skin immediate comfort and a soothing effect.

Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel

Amazon best-selling product B07Q2R45XG


Normaderm deep cleansing oil is considered the best when it comes to oily and acne-prone skin, as it purifies and unclogs skin pores while also clearing blackheads. The cleansing gel is formulated with zinc, salicylic acid, and copper minerals which gently exfoliate impurities without over-drying, hence improving the skin texture and tone over time. This product also has a plant origin as a key ingredient, the amino acid, which is derived naturally to help cleanse the skin without stripping it. The benefits that this product offers are known to be long term anti-breakout. (more…)

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Tanning During Pregnancy and Some Special Care

There are many effects of tanning as UV radiation, primarily indoor, is the leading reason for skin cancer. But, there is no evidence on any impairment related to the harm of your to-be baby either in or out of the tanning bed.

pregnancy sunscreens

Tanning and Pregnancy

It’s exciting to open up the collections of dresses, whether it’s sleeveless tops, shorts, sundresses during summers for those sun-kissed glows. Whether pregnant or not, you are at risk when exposed to the sun for skin cancer as well as premature aging.

During pregnancy, your skin is very susceptible to chloasma and skin burning, which can cause many dark splotches on your face. Folic acid is essential during the first trimester, which can go through deficiency as UV rays and folic acid are linked.

Is It Safe To Bronze With Baby?

You might be worried about spending so much time under the sun when your baby on the way. That sun-kissed skin may help many women to feel confident, but now the baby has become your number one priority. So, here’s good news! You can spend time under the sun as it is the primary source of energy and vitamin D.

It is also very beneficial, so avoid many diseases. So, a small exposure to sunlight is necessary for your body and the baby’s needs. Drink a lot of water due to dehydration. There are many chances of dehydration during pregnancy, so drink as much water.

Protection Tips For Your Skin

Avoid Hours in the Sunlight

Avoid going out in the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as you will be at a higher risk during this time. It is very risky when the sun is at the highest in the sky. Stronger the UV rays, higher are the risk, so avoid going out in these hours.

Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunscreens for pregnancy 10-20 minutes before you go out. Apply these sunscreens even it is cloudy outside. During pregnancy, the sunscreens, which contain SPF of 30 and contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide, are considered as the best sunscreen. Do not avoid applying sunscreen on your skin while going out. Most importantly, apply sunscreen every two hours.


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Funky Giraffe Clothing Review + Christmas Giveaway

Funky Giraffe Clothing Range

I’m one of those parents who loves to bring out the mini fashionista in my child. A super star style icon in the making. In my mind, there’s nothing more adorable than dressing your child up in a smart little outfit, or a cute pair of leggings with matching accessories. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for new style ideas. So when the Funky Giraffe team asked me to review their BRAND NEW Funky Giraffe clothing range (only released on the website yesterday!) – I was super excited to take a look!

Due to the initial launch range only being available in size 6-12 months, we’ve enlisted the help of the gorgeous Miss E again to road test this lovely outfit.


Funky Giraffe’s new clothing range offers four super cool designs in bright and engaging colours. The styles are mostly unisex, though the toucans with pink trim design do lean toward a more feminine style than the others.

For this review, we chose the cutesy Funky Birds design to test out.

First Impression

At first glance, we felt it would be perfect on it’s own for summer adventures. In addition, we thought it would look great being teamed up with a navy top for cooler weather. The outfits are made from the same super soft cotton materials that have made Funky Giraffe’s dribble bibs so popular. As a result, the quality in both print and design is evident as soon as you remove the packaging.

Each Funky Giraffe clothing set includes a white short-sleeved vest, teamed with patterned leggings, and a coordinating hat and dribble bib.

The leggings have both an elasticated waistband and elasticated ankles to ensure a super snug and comfortable fit all over. As a result, this makes them ideal for use with cloth nappies due to providing plenty of flexibility around the waist and bottom areas. Another benefit of the elasticated ankles is that they help to prevent riding up of the leggings either whilst crawling or when in a carrier or sling.

A noteworthy mention for those who’d like to add a bit of femininity to this outfit is that there’s an option to purchase a separate headband in the same design. Thus, giving further flexibility for girls summer and winter outfit combinations.

So What’s the Fit Like?

Overall, we found the outfit to be quite true to size. Miss is is 5 months old, and the 6-12m outfit was a tad big on her. This was particularly noticeable around the ankles and in the hat. Though the flexibility of the foldable waistband and ankle trims mean that you can very simply adjust these areas to accommodate shorter or longer babies. Consequently allowing lots of room for those seemingly out-of-nowhere growth spurts!

So What About Washing and Drying?

Much as the dribble bibs, the entire set washes really well at 40 degrees. Whilst testing, no part of the outfit showed signs of shrinkage, misshaping or colour run from washing and tumble drying. Ensuring yet another big #parentwin for us!

What’s the Cost?

These gorgeous outfits are £15 each and can be purchased from the Funky Giraffe Website.

The cute bow headband is available separately for £3.50.

Final Verdict

We really loved the new Funky Giraffe clothing range, which made it super difficult to choose just one design to try!

As with all Funky Giraffe products, the designs are bright and colourful, and definitely different to your standard high street styles. Therefore perfect for the budding fashionistas in your life!

I love the fact that both the leggings and hat are trimmed with a solid colour. As a result, this makes it easy to team up the outfit with a plain top or jumper in the cooler months. Another great feature is the adjustable waist and ankle bands; which are really handy for offering extra longevity in this outfit. I’ve lost count of the amount of times Chase has outgrown a pair of bottoms in less than a few months!


Did you know it’s December? That means that Christmas is right around the corner! And what better way to get in the festive mood than a chance at wining an amazing prize?

The Prize – Baby’s First Christmas bundle from Funky Giraffe

  • 1X Red First Christmas Stocking
  • 1X Light Blue Christmas Robin Bandana Bib
  • 1X Green Christmas Stockings Bandana Bib
  • 1X Blue & Pink Christmas Presents Bandaba Bib
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14 Very Valentines Movies

I love a good romance movie. Whether it be a tears and laughter-filled romantic comedy, a predictable high-school boy-meets-girl tale, or a cringe-worthy sappy love story. They’re all titles that when pulled together, create a perfect list of valentines movies.

Generally speaking, we tend to watch valentines movies as an “easy watch” type of film. Something that requires minimal effort, and is feel-good. Particularly at the end of the week, when you just want to recline on your sofas and relax with a drink and movie.

So I’ve been thinking about my favourite valentines movies. Which movies make me laugh, as well as go ahhh. Also, which make me feel all warm and soppy inside. Some of the valentines movies in my list will probably be high on the obvious list. But there maybe a few in here that you may not have thought of. Have a look through, and see what you think!

1.  Leap Year (2010)

Starting out with the perfect rom-com valentines movie. Leap Year is about a woman’s quest to marry her perfect guy. Since she failed to get a marriage proposal on her forth year anniversary. Anna travels to Ireland after her boyfriend, with the aim of fulfilling the Irish tradition of a woman being able to propose to men on February 29th (i.e. Leap Year). However fate has other plans. As a result, Anna finds herself stranded on the other side of Ireland, with only handsome, surly local Declan to help her find her way… Whatever shall she do?

This is by far one of my favourite valentines movies! I love the sarcastic, but comical element that Matthew Goode brings to the table. And one of my favourite parts of the film is the “Louis the Suitcase” scene. Google it.

2. The Proposal (2009)

Ergomaniac business executive Margaret Tate is on the brink of deportation when she’s suddenly struck with an idea. Marry her loyal and hard-working young assistant Andrew in order to gain a green card to stay in the US. They both get to keep their jobs, and can get a quickie divorce in a few months… Simple right? Of course not. Throw in a trip to meet Andrew’s devoted family in Alaska. Where they meet an old flame, a suspicious father, a crazy grandmother, and a cunning deportation officer to name a few. And you have a must see, fun and entertaining valentines movie!

3. 50 First Dates (2004)

Afraid of commitment, Henry’s relationships tend to be more like endless one-night-stands. That is until he meets the charming and witty Lucy Whitmore. After spending the day together, Henry starts to feel like she’s the person he could finally have a serious relationship with. That is until the next day, when he finds out that Lucy has short-term memory loss, and can’t remember the previous day. Henry then sets himself a challenge to make Lucy fall in love with him all over again. Each and every day.

A delightfully charming and lovable movie, with some fun thrown in too.

4. This Means War (2012)

Do I need to say anymore than Chris Pine and Tom Hardy? OK, well this is definitely one that should tick all the boxes for your perfect valentines movie night with the other half… Hot guys – Check. Rom Com – Check. Hot woman – Check. Action and explosive storyline in the form of hot guys being secret agents – Check.

If you need a synopsis. Then here’s a quick one-liner for you. Two best-friend secret agents fall for the same woman, and use high-tech gadgets to and surveillance skills to win her heart. Done!

5. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

A 90’s high school remake of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. New starter Cameron falls for beautiful and popular sophomore Bianca. When he finds out that Bianca isn’t allowed to date unless her older, feminist sister Katarina dates too – he sets out on a roundabout mission, tricking the high school pretty-boy along the way, to find Katarina a date. Katarina’s [paid] date comes in the form of bad-boy Patrick – who goes out of his way to win her over in order to get his money. Though he doesn’t expect to fall along the way…

Heath Ledger is fun, energetic and lovable in this coming of age teen rom com!

6. 27 Dresses (2008)

Jane is a hopeless romantic, who is not only in love with her boss, but can never say no to the people she cares about. After planning 27 of her friends weddings, Jane dreams of planning her own wedding – hopefully to her boss George. But when her beautiful model younger sister comes to town, and George falls for her; Jane is left planning her sister’s wedding to the man she loves. Along the way, she means cynical wedding writer Kevin. Who’s after the story of his career, and thinks he can get it in Jane. Will Jane get her happily ever after?

This is another of my favourite valentines movies. In fact, I think we tend to watch it a couple of times a year! A delightfully funny and engaging movie that you can watch over and over!

7. Enchanted

Disney meets modern day Manhattan. Princess Giselle finds herself banished from her perfect and magical animated land, and falls into modern day Manhattan. After wandering around aimlessly, scared and bewildered by this strange land. She’s rescued by a straight-laced divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in true love. And sets out to prove to him that you can have a storybook happily-ever-after no matter where you are.

This a fun and musical film, so if you’re not a sing-song type of person, then it’s not for you. But having said that. My husband actually really enjoyed watching this, as it’s well-written and pretty darn comical.

8. Notting Hill (1998)

Every person’s dream come true romance story. The most famous film star in the world falls in love with the ordinary guy next door. This is what happens to William Thacker – owner of a small and unsuccessful Notting Hill bookstore. Who’s life changes when beautiful movie star Anna Scott walks into his store one day.

A traditional love story starring two of the most iconic romance film actors we have today. Hugh Grant’s lovable character, and Julia Roberts classical charm make them the perfect pairing for this quintessentially English movie.

9. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

There’s a whole host of amazing Tom Hanks films out there, and this is certainly one that ranks highly in my list of favourites. Furthermore, being a classic 90’s film, with a classic 90’s storyline ensures it makes an appearance in my valentines movies list! Romance, fun, and charm in the form of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Who could want more?

Two book-loving business rivals hate each other in real life, but unknowingly fall for each other over the internet. Complete with the iconic melody to go with the movies namesake “You’ve got Mail” – This film is sure to offer you laughs and love on valentines day!

10. Letters to Juliet (2010)

Whilst on vacation with her fiance in romantic Verona, Sophie befriends the secretaries of Juliet – a group who diligently answer romantic letters left in the Juliet Capulet Courtyard every day. Whilst there, she discovers a decades old unanswered letter, and goes on a romantic quest to find the author and her long-lost love. Finding herself swept up in the adventure along the way. Another heart-warming tale of finding true love in the most unlikely of places.

11. Pretty Woman (1990)

Rich and powerful Edward could have any woman he wants. But the women in his life always end up leaving him when they come second to his work. So in order to maintain the charade of having a committed significant other on his arm at his big charity events, Edward hires a professional hooker for the week. Someone to be 100% faithful, and look good on his arm. But also, who won’t feel neglected when the week is over and he leaves. What he didn’t expect though, was to fall for her.

An all-time classic romance film – And a perfectly sappy valentines movie for all the traditional romantics out there!

12. Definitely, Maybe (2008)

A 30-something father in the middle of a divorce, tells his 10 year old daughter about his life before he was married. Set in a flashback style; he tells the story of the three loves of his life – changing their names so that his daughter has to guess which one he ended up marrying. Is her mother his college sweetheart, long-time best friend, or maybe the free-spirited journalist he met?

A witty and comical storyline, with just the perfect amount of romance to get it into our valentines movie list.

13. Hitch (2005)

This has got to be the funniest valentines movie on this list. Professional “Date Doctor” Alex helps hopeless men to get dates with the women of their dreams. Alex meets Sara, an outgoing gossip columnist for a big New York City tabloid. Things start to hit off well between them, until Alex finds out that Sara’s latest scoop is one of his clients.

Will Smith plays the perfect dating consultant. As a result, we get to see the witty and comical side of him we all know and love.

14. Valentines Day (2010)

How could we have a valentines movie list without mentioning Valentine’s Day?

This star-studded film shows the lives of various couples and singles in Los Angeles go about their own valentine’s days. Some propose, some break-up, some make-up – and others face a miserable and lonely 24hrs of “I hate Valentines’s” themed events. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, what do you think cupid has in store for each of these people? Find out by watching this intertwining combination of Valentine’s magic!


So, do any of these make your favourites too? Maybe I missed a perfect valentines movie? Let me know in the comments below!

The best part, is that all of these movies are available for under £5* each on Amazon right now! Perfect for a budget-friendly Valentine’s night at home!

Want to save this list for later? Follow my board on Pinterest for a quick and easy reference for all of these great Valentines movies!

Disclaimer: All movie prices under £5 at time of posting. In addition, this page contains affiliate links.

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Living Arrows

Living Arrows is about celebrating childhood. It’s a weekly series run by Donna at What the Redhead Said which involves sharing a moment each week with others. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran: “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.

I Got Hacked!

I unfortunately haven’t joined in with this series the past couple of weeks. In fact, I haven’t done anything at all on the blog this past couple of weeks. Why you ask? I’d love to say that I was on a lovely vacation somewhere hot with the family. But the harsh reality is that rather than sitting relaxing on a beach somewhere, I was sitting on my sofa stressing out at the fact that my blog was hacked.

So my blog is somewhat fixed, primarily thanks to a new hosting provider. But I don’t think this is the end of it. In the meantime, I thought I’d test the waters and start writing a few small posts. And all being well, I can start pushing out some of the lengthier posts next week! So stay tuned on that one.

So what have we been upto?

As it’s been a couple of weeks since my last update, I thought I’d just do a general “What have we been upto?” post for this weeks Living Arrows. It doesn’t help that it honestly feels like the past few weeks have merged into one. And I couldn’t tell you what I did yesterday, let alone last week! So here are a few highlights and lowlights from our past few weeks.

Swimming Lessons

First up, we started swimming lessons again! Daddy got the all clear from the hospital to swim again (though he’s still not allowed to drive until June). So I was straight on the phone to our Swimming teacher to get him back on the timetable for the next available session. Thankfully, his old slot had been reserved for him, so we were back in the pool the very next day! Chase was a little hesitant at first getting back into the water. But as luck would have it, the other two children in the class had called in sick that day. Meaning Chase had a 1:1 session with his instructor to help ease him back in. This was perfect for us, and Chase really enjoyed splashing about and jumping into the pool with Daddy.

We Had Another First!

We watched our first movie as a family last weekend. Our chosen film was none other than Toy Story. And Chase was mesmerised! Bar a small section of about 20 minutes in the middle, where he got up to play with his Toot Toot cars (but continued to look at the TV whilst playing). He actually sat on Daddy’s lap the entire movie! We even had some giggles! His favourite character seemed to be Rex the Dinosaur. Which is fine by me, as I love dinosaurs! And this weekend just gone, we tried Toy Story 2, which he also sat all the way through on his Auntie’s lap. Can you guess what we’ll be watching next weekend?

Another Late Night in the CAU

Another negative over the past few weeks was that Chase was in hospital again. The Consultant believes he could potentially have another food allergy. So we’re currently waiting on an appointment with his own Consultant to check this. I’m keeping everything crossed that they’ve got it wrong this time, and that it was just a bug presenting itself as an allergy. But who knows. Wish us luck with that one!

Fresh Air and Family Fun

My insomnia has been pretty bad again recently – meaning that my body clock is all over the place as a consequence. So I’ve been trying to find ways to help motivate me to get up and going, and also to tire me out. In the vain hope that I can actually get some sleep whilst it’s still dark outside.

I’ve always been told that fresh air will do you the world of good. So we’ve spent quite a lot of time doing family activities that get me up and out of the house. We went to the zoo and nature reserve last weekend. Walks to the park, and along the beach after swimming Saturday. And fun making chocolate krispie cakes at home when it rained.

I just love seeing the massive smile on Chase’s face when we’re outside. He’s definitely an outdoorsy kid, and would be outside all day long if he had the opportunity! Spending time with this smiley little face has definitely been a positive influence on me this past couple of weeks, and is helping me start to re-balance myself to move forward.

That’s all from us this week – come back next week to see what we’ve been upto on our Living Arrows journey.

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