Tanning During Pregnancy and Some Special Care

Tanning During Pregnancy and Some Special Care

There are many effects of tanning as UV radiation, primarily indoor, is the leading reason for skin cancer. But, there is no evidence on any impairment related to the harm of your to-be baby either in or out of the tanning bed.

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Tanning and Pregnancy

It’s exciting to open up the collections of dresses, whether it’s sleeveless tops, shorts, sundresses during summers for those sun-kissed glows. Whether pregnant or not, you are at risk when exposed to the sun for skin cancer as well as premature aging.

During pregnancy, your skin is very susceptible to chloasma and skin burning, which can cause many dark splotches on your face. Folic acid is essential during the first trimester, which can go through deficiency as UV rays and folic acid are linked.

Is It Safe To Bronze With Baby?

You might be worried about spending so much time under the sun when your baby on the way. That sun-kissed skin may help many women to feel confident, but now the baby has become your number one priority. So, here’s good news! You can spend time under the sun as it is the primary source of energy and vitamin D.

It is also very beneficial, so avoid many diseases. So, a small exposure to sunlight is necessary for your body and the baby’s needs. Drink a lot of water due to dehydration. There are many chances of dehydration during pregnancy, so drink as much water.

Protection Tips For Your Skin

Avoid Hours in the Sunlight

Avoid going out in the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as you will be at a higher risk during this time. It is very risky when the sun is at the highest in the sky. Stronger the UV rays, higher are the risk, so avoid going out in these hours.

Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunscreens for pregnancy 10-20 minutes before you go out. Apply these sunscreens even it is cloudy outside. During pregnancy, the sunscreens, which contain SPF of 30 and contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide, are considered as the best sunscreen. Do not avoid applying sunscreen on your skin while going out. Most importantly, apply sunscreen every two hours.

Protective Clothing

There is some unique clothing available in the market made of sun-protective fabric, which will be very helpful for your body. Instead, prefer loose-fitting clothes and tightly woven cloths which will cover your body. Always choose the cloths which will protect your arms and legs.

Use Sunhats and Sunglasses

Protect your eyes with the help of glasses from UVA and UVB rays. Wear some trendy hats which will protect your sensitive scalp and avoid getting affected by the sunlight.

Are Tanning Beds a Good Idea During Pregnancy?

Tanning beds are not a great idea whether you are pregnant or not. Tanning beds are more concentrated, and due to this, UVA rays radiation ultimately increases, which can be the reason for skin cancer.

The usage of tanning beds can cause dark spots, blemishes, and premature skin aging as well as it will cause the deficiency of folic acid. Self tanner pregnancy under the sunbed can also put your baby at a higher risk during the first trimester. The chances of skin cancer get increased by 75% when you choose a tanning bed under the age of 30.


Some self-tanning lotions are considered best during pregnancy. Avoid the usage of self-tanning sprays as it can affect your baby when you breathe that in. These lotions will give your skin the brown pigment, which will give you the bronze skin tone during the summers.