Things to Note about LDS Dipping Powder Nail

Things to Note about LDS Dipping Powder Nail

Dipping powder is a colourful powder that enables fashionable and famous nail care design, such as tie-dye and other welcoming nail craft. The dip powder is 100% safe on nails; therefore, you don’t have to be scared or confused about using this dipping powder because it is ideal for freshening, nourishing and making your natural nail grow well and stay healthy.

This manicure product is a conditioning treatment known to be on nails easily and deeply into the cuticle to make it flexible.

It protects your nails from cracking and improves nail appearances. Powder also protects and cures bacterial and other infections on the nail, nurture cuticles and nail skin.

Attributes of LDS nail powder

Lavis dipping powder is secured to be used by nail care practitioners, learners and home users. It also has a beneficial and pleasant scent that prevents repulsively chemicals from odour like other nail products.

It creates beautiful and wonderful nail designs. This dipping powder is created in a container and can stay on the nail for more than thirty days with no hurry on and doesn’t require any UltraViolent rays to cure it.

LDS dipping powder nails has extensive nail shades starting from blue, yellow and pink with another calm and beautiful colour.

The powder is filled with essential vitamins A and calcium, which help the nail grow well and strong.

Lavis dipping powder kit varies in different collections such as LDS glow collection, liquid, tye-dye and many more. This dipping powder is thick and glossy while on nails and grants a flowing manicure finish and neat nail look.

Dipping Powder Kit

Lavis dipping powder kits consist of one powder container, brush wipes, nail booster and other necessary kits for dipping nails.

How to apply Dip powder

Below are the procedures to follow when applying the LDS dip powder nails.

Step 1: Scrape the nails to your desired length.

Step 2: Use a nail wiper to wipe off any germs/ dirt from the nail cuticle.

Step 3: Allow the nail to patch for a few minutes, then rub a base coat on the nails.

Step 4: Put your nail in the dipping powder shade.

Step 5: Clean off any stained powder on the nail.

Step 6: Once again, repeat all the above steps, then put the nail in the powder to cover the nail and smoothen the nail care end. This process helps to achieve suitable and non- chipping nail care.

Step 7: Finally, use an Activator to varnish the nail to glue the powder on the nail, then finish these steps with a base coat to strengthen the nail.

Dip powder can be on natural nails for up to a month or more. However, nail growth is different from person to person because of age, sex, health issues, weather, and hygiene. Whenever a nail care technician uses this dip powder method, customers can also request to scrape the nails by themselves.

This dipping powder provides strong natural nails immediately after the dip powder process is applied.

Dipping Powder VS Gel Polish

Dipping powder doesn’t use any lamp to cure and last longer than gel polish, so you don’t have to bother to get an expensive lamp that will occupy your room space or be disturbed about being exposed to light.

Generally, you must use an acetone nail wiper to remove the dipping powder from the nail. Although drilling may still be required and it might weaken the nail and also destroy the entire purpose. This removal process can lead to boosting various nail cycles to help to repair weak nails.

Extra tip: A proper manicure involves more than just nail varnishing, and it includes taking proper care of your cuticle because a dry cuticle will distract your nail care look, and it might allow the nail to break and be painful.

You can trust Lavis dipping powder to give shining, cleared, bright and long-lasting nail care. It is also easy and quick to get by a Manicurist and even oneself.

Weather conditions can also cause peeling and cracking, or probably you don’t have adequate or little dipping powder. Ensure to dip your nail layer two or three times.

Optionally, you can fix your cracked nail that might want to waste your time or distract you from attending that party. Check your kitchen cubbies for any item such as tea bags, paper napkins, and coffee sieve that can hold the natural nail.


Having gorgeous and stunning nail appearances inspired women/ ladies look and also make the person wearing the nail to be comfortable and appear fashionable.

It is essential to be wise when selecting the dipping powder for your nail care. LDS dip powder is the best dipping powder for all nail care practitioners and individuals that wish to have a perfect nail look.